Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016

world premiere of Ted Sieger's Molly Monster

Yesterday the animation feature film "Molly Monster" celebrated it's world premiere in the course of the 66th Berlinale.

picture from moviepilot.de

Trickstudio Lutterbeck, the studio where I learned animation, is one of the producers, together with Alexandra Schatz Filmproduktion, Little Monster, Peacock Film, Sluggerfilm and Senator Film Produktion.

picture from moviepilot.de

It was a touching experience for me to watch the first full length feature film by the studio that has "brought me up".
The directors Michael Ekblad, Matthias Bruhn and the creator of Molly, Ted Sieger as well as the script's author John Chambers show a lot of sensitiveness for their young audience and what impressed me the most was thus the dramaturgical arcs which (in my POV) reflect very much the sensibility of preschoolers.
Ted Sieger's inspiring imagination of a colourful and adorably bizarre monsterland, the successful melange of traditional animation and computergenerated objects and camera movements  as well as the score by Annette Focks make this lovable 2D animated film a great experience.

I completely loved it (and, yes! I am biased!)

Here is the trailer in french language:

learn more about Molly on MollyMonsterTV
and on Johannes Wolter's INDAC

with a thousand thanks to Richard Lutterbeck, Matthias Bruhn and Christian Asmussen!

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