Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

Dinosaurs in Berlin

If you like dinosaurs and Berlin than 2016 is your year to come and visit:

This year the Natural History Museum hosts two extaordinairy exhibitions.

"Tristan Otto" is one of the most complete finds of Tyrannosaurus Rex and is the only original skeleton to be shown in Europe.
Found in the Hell Creek Formation in Montana it will be on display as a longterm item on loan by the private owner.

drawing of Tristan Otto's original skull
Since February 9th T-Rex is not alone any more on his throne:

"Spinosaurus"  shows not only the first life-sized skeleton reconstuction of Spino but gives also insights about the amazing ecological system of the Kem Kem region in Morocco in the Cretacious and reveals the amazing story of spinosaurus' first discovery by Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach and the find of a second and more complete skeleton by german palaeontologist Nizar Ibrahim.

The exhibiton is provided by the National Geographic society and the university of Chicago.

skull of Carcharodontosaurus, a T-rex sized predator of cretacious North Africa

Spinosaurus aegypticus, he's the first known dinosaur which presumably lived mainly semi-aquatic
You can watch the whole amazing story of Spino's rediscovery on Nizar Ibrahim's TED talk.

Here is a link to a 45 min documentation in german language on Terra X.

The exhibition is on display till the June 12th.

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