Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

100 ways to paint a bird...

Happy, proud and thrilled about my portrait of the golden eagle Arras of the falconry Rudolph Pauels being published in Felix Scheinberger's latest book "Illustration - 100 Wege einen Vogel zu malen" ("Illustration - 100 ways to paint a bird")

The 328 pages containing book gives an encompassing survey of the field of illustration covering strategies for inspiration, different techniques as well as themes as selfmarketing, selfesteem, portfolio, pricing and negotiation strategies.

It is lushly illustrated, featuring illustrator's like Klaus Ensikat, Wolf Erlbruch, Tomi Ungerer, Moebius and Gary Baseman, broadcasting the diversity of different illustration styles through the connecting theme of birds.

I'm deeply impressed by the outstanding quality  of the book, published by Herrman Schmidt, Mainz 
and am convinced that this book will become the state of the art reference book for illustration in Germany.
(To be reviewed soon ;-D)

Thanks again, Felix! Chapeau!

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