Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

"We went on an adventure!!"

there and back again - holiday adventures of a bunch of hobbits.

We've been to the Odenwald in Hesse and stayed on a medieval castle, Burg Breuberg, next to Höchst. An excellent point to start out expeditions for the bones of Fafnir the dragon, stonetrolls in the felsenmeer of Reichenbach and other questes.

Here are some of the sketchbookpages:

I'm not a real Hobbit: I still need my boots....

Burg Breuberg with it's 12th century Bergfried

view from our room

view from the castle's original kitchen, today a study room

the "blockfield" or "Felsenmeer" in Reichenbach

the bear was very close at the animal's enclosure in Weilburg...he made a run after i layed in the first washes >Alas!< The signature in the lower right is by wildlife cameraman Andreas Kieling,  who I bumped into one week later at the bookfair in Frankfurt

Capricorn in Weilburg

finally extensive drawing at the Senckenbergmuseum in Frankfurt; Triceratops

asian Elephant (left) and northamerican Mastodon (right)




I love the ancient elephants...

and one guy shouldn't miss...although....it's a cast

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