Sonntag, 7. April 2013

cheapest way to get a glass palette

If you're working in oils you will want to have a decent palette.

I was thinking of how to build a glass palette (which is easy to clean, plus you can put a neutral gray background behind it; which is helpful to see the true colours without them being altered by the wooden colour or white of a handheld palette) for my taboret until I found this extremely helpfull website about the selfmade classical atelier at home by illustrator Björn Gschwendtner .

The solution is facepalmingly simple, logical and ingenious:
buy a simple frame for pictures, put a gray cardboard or whatever colour you work with to tone your panels or canvasses as a background and there you go:



  1. Thanks for the link Christian, that's a good website.

  2. Hi Christian.

    Thanks for linking to my blog!
    I chose the IKEA frame since it has a broader wood around it. I plan on mounting something on the frame to be able to incline the palette for better use as well as preventing reflections.

    Your's is an even more low-budget version wich is great :-)


    1. Thanks Björn!
      I was also thinking of writing more elaboarately about your project and your blog in a later post!
      I'll send you an E-Mail. :-)

      all the best,