Freitag, 22. März 2013

buy one, buy two, give it to strangers...

we interrupt our Making of Feature for a brief happy anouncement:

The textbooks for my advanced artstudents arrived:

After a basic drawing course I usually start out to work on pictures with a more complex content aligning to John Howe's Fantasy Art Workshop (German: Handbuch der Fantasy Kunst).

If you follow the posts by John Howe on social networks and on his webside you will know that he sometimes anounces publications with a pretty subtle kind of promotion ;-) :

"Buy one, buy two, give it to your friends and strangers you meet on the streets."

My art workshops give me the good opportunity to  broad grinningly do so.

("always at your service!")

The German version comes as a rugged Hardcover, perfect for a often to be used studio reference and is published by Heel Verlag in Königswinter

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