Sonntag, 10. Januar 2016

cast collection of the ancient world in Berlin

the so called "Juno Ludivisi" inspired especially in the late 18th century artists like Winckelmann and Goethe. Since the late 19th century more and more scientists assumed that the colossal bust portraits rather a historic character than the etruscian/roman deity Juno (goddess of marriage). Comparisons with portraits on coins suggest that it might be Antonia Minor (36 B.C. - 37 A.D.), niece of Augustus and mother of the emporer Claudius
I decided to especially train harder on the control of values in my further studies to improve also my coloured work.
One of the greatest places to do that is the cast collection of the ancient world in Berlin.

The collection invites especially artists and art students to use the space for their studies.
The entrance is free.

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