Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Locomotive breath

Recently I went to the Springfestival of the Dampflokfreunde Berlin e.V. (steam train friends Berlin) and took a trip back in time.

photo by Joachim Neu

I did two coloured sketches of these old engines and learned a bit about their past:

the52 series was originally developped during WWII by the army as a heavy war machine. After the abatement of the Nazi regime it was still in use and throughlived slight modifications. In the former GDR it was still in use till the late 1960's.

The small Diesel light rail tractor Kö 5734 was built in 1942/43 and was sorted out as recently as 1994 (!).

Here you can see me draw the 52-engine.
photography by Joachim Neu

It's possible to book extra tours with the 52 series in the outskirts of Berlin.
An overview of the tours can be viewed here.

Thanks to Johannes Neu for the photographs.

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